Happy Helpers Agency

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About Us

Happy Helpers is a postpartum home care agency with operations in Katy, Sugar land and greater Houston Area.  The idea to start a postpartum caregiver service was based out the desire to assist families in the greater Houston area to find nurturing, responsible and well vetted care helpers and ease the transition to parenthood. 

Happy Helpers believes in creating  a positive care environment, hence the reason for using responsible and well screened caregivers.  The New Mom/Infant care program are provided through Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses ( LVNs) and Newborn Care Provider (Certified Nurse Assistants / Home Health Aides or experienced Postpartum Doulas).

Happy Helpers personalizes our services based on your needs and we maintain a large registry of care professionals to meet the demands of our client families.  

Our goal is to make sure that you have a Helper, when you need a Helper.


​1.  Are you insured?  Yes, Happy Helpers is insured at the maximum amount for the peace of mind of our families.  We carry a General liability and professional liability.

​2. Do the Night Nurse and Caregivers sleep while on duty?  NO!!! We do not sleep while caring for your infant. Our job is to monitor the baby and respond to their needs in a timely manner. By acting in a timely manner, we avoid the baby getting to a crying state before being attended to. In addition, they will log all necessary information on the sleeping, feeding habits of  your infant.

​3.  Who are the nurses and newborn caregivers?  Our nurses are Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses  and our Newborn caregivers are : Nursing Students with completed clinical hours in OB-GYN/ PEDs, Certified Nurses Aides, Home Health Aides, Doulas.  We require background checks, FLU vaccine and current immunizations.

​4. Do we have to sign a contract for this services?  No, families are not tied to any contract with our agency. Just give us one week's notice before cancelling the home care services.

​​5. What are the duties of the Overnight Care staff? (Usually from 9am to 7pm)

  • Diapering and swaddling the infant
  • ​Feeding the infant
  • Bathing​
  • ​Feeding support

6.  What happens during  the Postpartum RN Home Visit :

  • ​Head to Toe assessment of  Mother
  • ​Head to Toe assessment of Infant
  • ​Feeding support: breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, formula
  • ​Teaching about  bathing, infant skin care, diapering, swaddling
  • ​Clean bottle techniques
  • ​Answering parents questions

7.   How will the Night Nurse  assist me if I am a breastfeeding mom?  ​  Our job in that case is to support the mom and provide any answering regarding breastfeeding. After the mom has breastfed the baby, our caregiver then diapers, clean, swaddles and soothes the baby till he/she sleeps.

About the Owner:

Grace O.  is a wife and mother of two teenagers. She is also a practicing Registered Nurse at one of the prestigious hospitals in the Houston Area. In addition to earning both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and Bachelor's in Business Administration at Houston Baptist University, Grace has  over 20 years experience in home care staffing.  She understands that excellent care is very essential and therefore screens the all care professionals as  she would for her own family.


Screening process

Our Screening Process includes:

  • License verification
  • State wide Criminal Background check
  • State wide employee misconduct registry
  • State wide Sex Offenders registry
  • 3 verifiable references
  • In-depth Face to Face interview
  • CPR trained

mission statement

Happy Helpers strives to improve the lives of both our families and also the helpers.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent, reliable and convenient  service to families in our area, while providing a meaningful income to our care professionals.

our happy rule

Mutual respect is at the core of our  foundation as a company. We value mutual  respect and appreciate productive conversation from our  families and care staff. 

Happy Helpers fosters excellent professional relationships between our families and our care professionals.